Friday, July 27, 2018

Please Pray

Monday a vehicle towing a trailer West on Highway 299 in Northern California got a flat tire. This does not seem like a "big deal", except the wheel scraped on the road sending sparks into the dry grass and resulting in what is currently more than a 30,000 acre fire, covering more than 45 square miles with 100 foot walls of flames. 

My sister-in-law had to evacuate her home Monday - she went to her son's home 30 miles away and last night she, my brother-in-law, their son and his family had to evacuate once again. Dozens of homes have burnt to the ground, people have been injured and sadly, one person has been killed.

CalFire says they do not expect to contain this fire for at least a week - the temperatures are going to be in the 100+ range with strong winds and low humidity. The fire has actually jumped the Sacramento River.

I lived in Redding for a number of years and my husband is from there, so this is heartbreaking for us to watch as one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth is burning.

We are so thankful our family is safe and pray they and the thousands of people from the area who are evacuating will remain safe.

All this from a flat tire and a small spark.

As I thought about this I was reminded how it is oh so easy to compromise, just a little, in our lives and before we know it, we are derailed, side-tracked and find ourselves far from a walk with God. Just a "small" compromise; a "small" sin is able to bring devastating impact to our lives.

In the coming days as you see reports on the news about the Carr Fire, please pray for those impacted by the fire. And, take time to evaluate your life. If you have made any of those "small" compromises, take time to "put out the fire" and return to a walk with God. Take time to share this example with your grandchildren as well and encourage them to make the choice to walk faithfully with God.

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