Saturday, July 21, 2018

Prayer for True, Real Strength

"Jesus knew He only had to ask His Father for help and thousands of angels would have been there to help Him! Jesus knew He didn’t even need the angles – after all, Jesus made the angels! Jesus knew real strength is not shown by bragging or showing off, but rather by doing what needs to be done for the ones you love! Jesus showed us His great love by showing us what it means to be meek, what it means to have real strength!" (Deeper In Praying the Psalms 4 Children)

As your grandchildren get ready to return to school in the coming month or so, make it a point to pray for them to be people who have a meek heart; people who do not brag or show off, but who instead are quick to do what needs to be done for others. People who show true strength.
Dear Jesus, Thank You for showing us what true, real strength looks like. Please help me model what it looks like to be a truly strong person who is quick to see what needs to be done for others, so my grandchildren will learn to do the same. As they return to school, please help them be meek; please help them be truly strong by being the ones who see what needs to be done to help others and who do those things. Thank You for Your great love for us. Amen
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