Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Fill Your Heart, Your thoughts and Your Home With Praise!

Neta Jackson is one of the devotional writers for the NIV Grandmother's Bible and she wrote about praising God. She said,  "The more I meditate on this Scripture, (Psalm 8) the more it makes sense. Satan's work thrives in an atmosphere of doubt, worry, distraction, busyness and discouragement. But praise? Praise to the living God is not Satan's working condition. If I want to build a stronghold of protection against that old devil, I need to fill my heart, my thoughts and my home with praise!"

So what are you doing today to fill your heart, your thoughts and your home with praise? When your grandchildren are near you, do they see and hear you praising God for the many blessings, big and small in your everyday life? Do you help them lift their hearts in praise to God for the big and small parts of their everyday lives? Make a point of praising God throughout your day and make it a goal to help your grandchildren learn to do the same!

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