Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Free Back-to-School Printables

Here in Michigan - where I live - school started yesterday. My youngest grandson will be going to kindergarten . . . it doesn't seem possible he could actually be old enough for school! Those five years have truly flown by!

So, as I was thinking about "back to school", I found a link on Pinterest for free printable lunch box notes which I thought I'd share with you again today. These notes are great little things to tuck in a lunch box or pocket or backpack to remind children they are loved! Just follow this link and you'll find three sets of printables - use one, two or all three!

If your grandchildren do not read or are just beginning to read, consider printing some of the blank ones and draw some simple pictures to tuck in your grandchildren's backpack when they are at my house or mail to them. 

Which of the three sets of printables do you like the best? Which might you use?

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