Tuesday, August 7, 2018

New Beginnings

I read this morning's devotional in the Grandmother's Bible - written by Barbara Johnson - I thought I'd share part of it with you . . . although all of it is amazing!

"Each one of us needs a new beginning at some point or other. But it needn't come with a bang of fire-works or a streaking comet. new beginnings often come slowly. They may even sneak up on you - like a tiny ray of sun slipping out from beneath a black cloud. You can be inspired by the smallest things, so keep your eyes open. Consider these: a tea kettle singing on the stove inspired the steam engine. An apple falling from a tree inspired the discovery of gravity. A shirt waving on a clothesline inspired the balloon . . . Author C.S. Lewis referred to God's extravagant nature when he said, 'You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage: God wants to make of your life a palace!' Of course, we have to learn to live with the rain and the fog while we're waiting for our skies to clear up and God's glory to be revealed. But rest your hope upon the grace that will crown your life when Jesus' plan unfolds!"

What new beginnings are you facing . . . or in need of? Don't be afraid of the "rain and the fog". "Wait for your skies to clear up" and rest assured "God's glory" will be revealed!

Know the story of your life is one you will be able to share with your grandchildren. If they are able to see how you faced your "new beginnings" in life, they will be encouraged and strengthened to face their own "new beginnings" throughout their lives, too!

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