Monday, August 13, 2018

TreeRunner Adventure Park

Aerial Adventure Parks are becoming popular and I was recently given the opportunity for my son, daughter-in-law and grandsons to visit TreeRunner Adventure Park here in Grand Rapids, MI. If you are wondering if these parks are a safe option for the children you love, today I'm happy to let you know about this unique and fun place where you are able to spend time and build amazing memories with the children you love.

TreeRunner Adventure Park

Favorite Features -

  • HUGE focus on safety. My son told me they spent about an hour training the boys, teaching them how to use the safety equipment and being sure they knew what to do and how to do it safely. My son was impressed with the attention to safety and I approve!
  • Fun! My grandsons LOVED the time they spent climbing, enjoying the zip line and learning something new. Again, I approve!
  • Area specifically for younger/smaller children - ages three to seven - my youngest grandson enjoyed this area (he is five) as it was designed with him in mind, so he was not left out of the fun. Once again, I approve!
  • Options - several different routes to take and difficulties, so as children/adults progress they are able to enjoy more challenging levels - also means both children and adults will find it challenging and fun. 
  • Again - a strong focus upon safety - the staff were extremely well trained, knowledgeable and committed to safety. Plus, my grandsons said the staff were "really nice" - and again, I absolutely approve!
TreeRunner Adventure Park says; "TreeRunner Grand Rapids Adventure Park is a premier aerial adventure park in West Michigan. With over 70 exciting obstacles and zip lines, three difficulty levels, and seven different courses, there is plenty to explore! The Junior Park for kids ages three to seven. Experience our unique course in the trees on your own, or with friends and family! The courses at TreeRunner Grand Rapids are designed to challenge you emotionally and physically. We create a safe environment where ages seven and up (three and up for the Junior Park) and people of all fitness levels will be able to find their own limits and work towards and accomplish new goals.This is the perfect outdoor adventure for birthday parties, team building, school field trips, and special events." 

I love how my grandsons were able to try something new which pushed them to go beyond what they are used to doing, challenged them to be "brave" and helped them experience success as they climbed, "zipped" through the trees and did something they never did before! I talked with them right after they finished their time at TreeRunner Adventure Park and they were so excited - they LOVED the time they spent there and absolutely would return for more climbing/zipping fun another day.

If you have the opportunity to take your family to TreeRunner Adventure Park, definitely do so. They are absolutely focused upon making the experience safe and fun - my grandsons, son and daughter-in-law said they felt completely safe, had everything explained clearly, so they knew what to do and how to do it, plus they had a terrific time. 

Thank you TreeRunner Adventure Park for making this review possible by giving me passes for review purposes.

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