Wednesday, September 12, 2018

It is Chocolate Milkshake Day!

Chocolate Milkshake DayToday is Chocolate Milkshake Day, so clearly it is celebrated by enjoying a tasty chocolate milkshake! And doing so with your sons, daughters, in-laws and grandchildren would only make this wonderful day better! 

So, to help with the celebrating, I thought I'd share a little of the history of this day - and milkshakes with you which I found on-line . . . 

In 1885 a wonderful thing happened, the term “milkshake” was first recorded and introduced into the dessert world. The milkshakes of that time, however, were a much different animal than those which are commonly consumed today. At the time a milkshake referred to something far more akin to what we call “Eggnog” now, a mixture of eggs, whiskey, and a variety of spices and flavorings. It didn’t take long for this to change, as in the 1900’s it became a term for a much more wholesome beverage. The ice cream was still not officially part of the mix, though it was commonly ordered along with them. 

It wasn’t until the invention of the electric mixer the milkshake as we know it came to pass, and the history of the two are connected. As you can see the chocolate milkshake actually predates the milkshake as we know it today, but it truly reached perfection once ice cream became a natural part of the drink. What is often unknown is milkshakes were not always called milkshakes, in the 1950’s they were called frosted drinks, cabinets, velvets, or frappes.

So, now you know the history of this tasty day, grab your grandchildren and head to your favorite place to get a chocolate milk shake - or make some of your own! Enjoy!

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