Saturday, September 15, 2018

Today is National Double Cheeseburger Day

Yes, today, September 15th is National Double Cheeseburger Day! I looked on-line and discovered the history of this tasty day and thought I'd share it with you . . . 

Double Cheeseburger Day was made to celebrate the birth of the double  cheeseburger, and by extension the cheeseburger itself. While it may seem the most natural thing in the world to add cheese to a hamburger these days, originally a hamburger was a very simple affair. Hamburger, bread, and condiments were pretty much all a hamburger had going for it. The first person said to have created the cheeseburger was Lionel Sternberger while working at his fathers sandwich shop. A sizzling piece of hamburger seemed to be just begging for something a little extra, and so a piece of cheese was added to see what came out.
What came out, obviously, was magic. It wasn’t long before someone realized a single sizzling patty of hamburger topped with melting cheese wasn’t the best thing in life, not when you could have two sizzling patties of hamburger topped with melting cheese! The birth of the double cheeseburger was as inevitable as the cheeseburger itself, and Double Cheeseburger Day celebrates it all! 
And, to help you celebrate Double Cheeseburger Day, I'm very happy to let you know about how you are able to get a free Wendy's single through the end of September! You will find all the details at this link, but basically if you use the Wendy's app and make any purchase, you are able to receive one free single each day through September 30th! And, as a bonus, Wendy's is still offering their tasty Frosty's for just 50 cents each!

So, grab your grandchildren and go celebrate in a very tasty way!

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