Tuesday, October 2, 2018

2018 Christmas Gift Review & Giveaway - Box of Red Heart Yarn

In years past I began my Christmas Gift Review on October 1st, posting reviews throughout the month of October and then holding giveaways throughout the month of November. This year while I am still posting Christmas Gift Reviews in October, and giveaways in November, my review and giveaways are smaller as it is becoming more challenging to receive items for review (there are far more people out there asking for review products). But, I still have some and am happy to share my first review and giveaway with you today - Red Heart Yarn.

Each year I crochet hats for my grandsons. In years past I crocheted Agent Perry the Platyapus hats, Minion hats, Crazy Minion hats, Three-eyed, Spotted Alien hats, One-eyed Monster hats, hat which looked like a Shark was eating your head and hats with Beards to mention a few. Not particularly boring hats by any interpretation! But, this year my oldest grandson said he would like just a regular hat. Hmmm . . . after all these "non-regular" hats, I'm not sure if I can make a "regular hat"!

Well, I'm sure I'll come up with something - I'm leaning towards just a hat with ear-flaps . . . but, I think I'll make a fun scarf to go with the "regular" hat!

Once again this year, Red Heart Yarn sent me a box of their new yarns to review - and so I would be able to give some of them away! I know I'll be making scarves with several of these beautiful new yarns! First, let me share with you the yarn which will be in the giveaway box this year . . . 
  • RED HEART dreamy stripes yarn - Red Heart says; "Striping shades in Dreamy. Watch the stripes appear as you stitch this lovely brushed
    acrylic yarn.
    " I find it to be lovely! The yarn is soft, with soft shades - I'm looking forward to seeing for myself how it crochets into stripes as I go along!
  • Red Heart It's a Wrap Rainbow Yarn - Red Heart says; "Super soft and drapey acrylic and cotton blend makes a shawl with just 1 ball. Colors move beautifully making fabric you will want to wear all year round." I love how one ball is able to make a project - depending on the project and the colors
    are beautiful! 
  • RED Heart scrubby smoothie - Red Heart says; "Beautiful 100% Cotton yarn dyed to match top selling shades of Scrubby. Use it by itself or mix it with Scrubby. This is a soft cotton perfect for a variety of projects beyond dishcloths. Perfect for fashion, baby items, bags and accessories." I think this yarn would be fun for a purse because it comes in so many colors - grey and blueberry will be in the yarn box!
  • Red Heart amore yarn - Red Heart says;
    Amazingly soft yarn that works into a fabric you will fall in love with! It is worsted weight, polyester yarn that comes in a range of beautiful on trend colors. Perfect for knit or crochet hats, scarves, cowls, sweaters, blankets and a-more!" Red Heart is not exaggerating at all with this yarn as it is some of the softest yarn I've ever seen! If I had granddaughters I'd totally crochet something for them with this - the colors I received are Jasmine (a soft lavender) and Peaceful (a soft pink). 
  • Red Heart Colorscape Yarn - Red Heart says; "Similar to high end Indie Yarns, this specially dyed yarn has more upscale print effect with subtle striping. Has a lightly brushed finish. Great for scarves, wristers, wraps, sweaters and ponchos." The yarn they sent is pink/taupe/brown combo and lovely!
So, these are the yarns in the giveaway box for this year. Tomorrow I'll post about the additional yarn Red Heart sent for me to review. Any of these yarns would be a wonderful choice for projects you might make for people on your Christmas gift list as they are lovely colors, soft and just a lot of fun!

As I mentioned above, Red Heart sent me yarn to review and some for me to give away (USA only). If you are over the age of 18, would like to be in this drawing for the box of yarn on November 2, 2018, please comment below to share who you are making gifts for this year - as I mentioned, I'm making hats, and possibly scarves for my grandsons.

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  1. My daughter will be making scarves and my mother-in-law will be making sweaters and probably items for her new great grandbaby. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

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  6. I love yarn! I'm working on a cardigan for myself and about to start a baby set for a little guy coming into the world in December!
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  7. I want to make homemade candies, cookies, etc. for family members and friends this year. I also purchased some pint jars at the end of canning season and am going to fill them with hot chocolate mix and add decorations to the jars.

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