Friday, November 16, 2018

Please Pray

Image may contain: Ted Jones and Tonia JonesI am sharing this request, because I know so many of you are prayer warriors. My cousin has been through a terrible battle with cancer. We thought it was gone, but it returned as an extremely difficult leukemia. She just completed a series of chemo - four weeks of constant chemo, two weeks off, followed by four weeks again of constant chemo.

They were going to give her a bone marrow transplant, but just learned her leukemia has metastasized to the point where chemo therapy and immunotherapy will no longer work. The leukemia is attacking at the chromosomal level and not cellular. There is a recently approved, but still experimental drug. Her doctor said she would be up front with her and stated this is bad.

Please pray for Tonia and Ted as they continue to fight the cancer and for them to experience God's arms around them.

Thank you for your prayers.