Monday, December 17, 2018

Intentional Love - Showing My Love & Pointing Them to God's Love

When you think about loving your grandchildren, for most of us, this comes very easily. The hugs, snuggles, “I love yous”, the laughing and the time spent together – all part of the wonderful love between grandparents and grandchildren.
Now, don’t get me wrong. There is a wonderful love between parents and children, too, but I describe the difference in the following way. When children first see their parents at the start of their day, they may say, “hello” or “good morning” and they may not. But, when grandchildren first see you – at least when they are young – no matter where you are – they shout at the tops of their voices, “Grandma!!!” and run to you as fast as their little legs can carry them, shouting all the while, “Grandma!!!!
This is the difference. Yes, our grandchildren love their parents with all their hearts, but there is a different, special, wonderful love between a grandparent and a grandchild!
And, yes, this love between our grandchildren and us shows itself in the glad greetings, the wonderful times spent together, but it also shows itself in the way we are intentional about the things which really matter. The things which bring a joy which is far deeper than the happiness we experience with the greetings, hugs and snuggles.
All of these things are wonderful and amazing parts of being a grandparent and I love them all! But, there are some things which are even better. Things which are part of being intentional when it comes to loving our grandchildren and intentional about sharing God’s love with them.
I remember, for example, the day my oldest grandchild called me on the phone when he was four years old to tell me he was “part of God’s family” . . . absolutely one of the most wonderful, amazing, joy-filled and best days of my life! 
Or the day my five-year old grandson and I were talking about how to get to Heaven and he said he wanted to go to Heaven. He told me; “I believe in Jesus!” Then he turned to his three year old brother and said; “Shane, if you want to go to Heaven you have to believe in Jesus!” To which Shane said; “I want to go to Heaven . . . I believe in Jesus!” Definitely one of the most wonderful, amazing, joy-filled and best days of my life!
But, once they turn to Jesus, my “job” to be intentional in sharing God's love does not end. This year we are using Generations Quest together - we are looking forward to the opportunity to learn about real Bible people who chose to know, love and walk with God, how we are able to do the same and reading through the Bible together in 2019.
I love my grandsons and am intentional about how I show my love to them and about how I point them to God’s love for them. I'm looking forward to how my grandsons will grow in their walk with God this coming year - this grandma’s heart is filled with joy!

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