Friday, December 7, 2018

Owls are Good at Keeping Secrets: An Unusual Alphabet - I'm Giving One Away

I was recently invited to review a new ABC book - I know, there is no shortage of ABC books on the market, but this one combines letters with fun animals. My grandsons have always loved animals, so I know they would have loved an ABC book combined with animals to help them with their ABCs when they were learning them. So, today I'm happy to let you know about Owls are Good at Keeping Secrets: An Unusual Alphabet, and announce a giveaway as well.

Owls are Good at Keeping Secrets: An Unusual Alphabet
Author - Sara O'Leary
Illustrator - Jacob Grant
Publisher - Random House Books for Young Readers
Ages - 3-7

Favorite Features -
  • Clever, short "descriptions" - or at least Author's opinions - of each animal
  • Unique animals chosen for some letters - like Narwhal for N and Hedgehog for H
  • Encourages children to learn their ABCs and identify some fun animals
Random House says; "A delightful book of curious, little-known 'facts' about animals--one for each letter of the alphabet! Did you know chipmunks love to stay up past their bedtime? Or dragons cry at happy endings? I bet you'd never have guessed iguanas sometimes get homesick at sleepovers. Sara O'Leary pulls back the curtain on the animal world and gives us an absolutely charming little one-line 'fact' about one animal for each letter of the alphabet. Kids will love to see their own quirks reflected in these adorably rendered creatures, and perhaps will be comforted to know--just like them--narwhals can be perfectly happy all on their own and quail also get tired of being told to be quiet. This is more than just an alphabet book. It's a charming, hilarious, and touching look at the diversity of personalities in the world--worth many, many rereads.

I read this to my grandsons at bedtime tonight and they thought it was a fun ABC book. If you have a grandchild/child learning their ABCs, take a look at Owls are Good at Keeping Secrets: An Unusual Alphabet

I'm very happy to say, not only did Big Picture Press/Candlewick Press send Owls are Good at Keeping Secrets: An Unusual Alphabet for me to review and share my own opinion of it with you, but they are making another available for me to give away (USA only) If you are over the age of 18 and would like to enter this drawing for Owls are Good at Keeping Secrets: An Unusual Alphabetwhich will be on December 14, 2018, please comment below to share an animal you think would be fun in an ABC book - I'd have to say Okapi for the letter O.

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