Tuesday, December 25, 2018

This Christmas Believe - Jesus is Truly Real

For those of us who believe in Jesus, Christmas is a time of celebration - a time to remember and be so thankful for the great Gift God gave us in the birth of Jesus. It is the reason we hand down the faith - because we want our grandchildren (and children) to believe and receive God's Gift of love.

For us believing Jesus was a real person who was born as a baby, lived a perfect life, died on the cross for us then three days later rose from the dead is a "given". We celebrate Christmas because we believe. It truly is our "reason for the season".

But, if we have people we love who do not believe, consider approaching who Jesus is from the record of history - outside the Bible. Yes, Jesus was a real, historical person. Yes, there is recorded history of who He is - outside the Bible. If Jesus was a real person - and He is recorded as such, then we have to make a choice. Do we believe who He said He was, or not?

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