Thursday, January 17, 2019

God is Big Enough

On my other blog - Grandmas with Heart - I wrote about how we are able to know God is big enough to handle whatever we are facing. I thought you might want to read it, so today I'm sharing it with you as well.

 While we certainly have many times in our lives where we experience joy, we live in a fallen and broken world and there is no shortage of sadness, confusion and even grief which is experienced by us and the people we love. It is not difficult for us and the ones we love to wonder where God is and if He is able to handle the difficult things in our lives. So, today if you are experiencing a difficult time, I want to share these verses from Isaiah with you.

My pastor recently taught from these verses and he said the original language gives the image of how the corner or the hem of God's robe filled the temple. The corner of the hem! Look at the hem on your shirt - look at just the corner of the hem - not the shirt, not the hem, but just the corner of the hem. Now picture how big God is if just the corner of the hem of His robe filled the temple!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Wonderful reminder at the right moment.