Friday, January 4, 2019

Tomorrow - January 5th - is Spaghetti Day

spaghetti on white ceramic plateMy grandsons love spaghetti and since they will be at my house tomorrow for a sleepover, and tomorrow is Spaghetti Day, we will definitely be eating spaghetti! 

I found some interesting spaghetti "history" on-line and so, today I'm sharing some of it with you. Did you know . . . 
  • The first historical reference to boiled noodles suggests that the Arabs invented the dish thousands of years ago, long before it became a staple of Italian cuisine.
  • Historical records actually refer to dried noodles being purchased from a street vendor, which means that pasta has been sold in stores since at least the 5th century A.D.
  • The first Western pasta was likely long, thin forms made in Sicily around the 12th century
  • spaghetti is the most common round-rod type of pasta and in Italian, “spaghetti” means “little lines”
Is spaghetti a favorite dish at your house? If so, enjoy the pasta and the day and celebrate tomorrow!

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