Wednesday, March 6, 2019

We All Have Blessings and Challenges

A couple days ago, I talked about the many blessings God has lavished on me; today, I want to take a moment to talk about challenges which have also been part of my life. Just as we all have blessings - big and small - in our lives, we also have challenges.

In the Grandmother's Bible, one of the devotions is about "Strength in Adversity". Rebecca Manley Pippert said, "The measure of a person is seen in his or her response to adversity.  David's life reminds us that being a believer, or even a future king, does not protect us from the ambiguities of life. God 'sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous' (Matthew 5:45). Our relationship with God does not protect us from the storm, but through knowing Him, we are protected from the storm's power to destroy us. We need to be realistic about the fact life is difficult. Instead of blaming God for our trials, we must turn to Him, for He alone can give us the resources we need to overcome them."

This is so true. I'm so very thankful for the protection God gives me, so the storms are not able to destroy me! In my life I've dealt with loss, walked through a difficult time when people we trusted betrayed our trust with their gossip and lies and faced difficult medical diagnosis's  with my MS and Lupus. Yes, I have many blessings, but I also have challenges and adversity as well. We all do. 

The prayer from today's devotion is my prayer; perhaps you will make it your prayer, too. 

"When trials come and people lash out at me, give me Your strength, Lord. Close my mouth so I will not say words I will regret. Open my heart to Your love and to family and friends who understand and know my true character. Help me to remember I live to please You; it is Your opinion alone which matters eternally. Strengthen my faith through these trials. Amen."

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