Monday, April 1, 2019

just for fun - Fun Day!

Today is Fun Day . . . "a reminder to break the stressful line of day to day living, and to go out and have some Fun!"

I found the information about Fun Day at this link - they gave several great reasons for celebrating Fun Day; consider the following . . .
  • Having Fun is a proven way to make sure you have the opportunity to have more fun later, more often.
  • By going out and having Fun, you can reduce your stress level, and help bolster your immune system.
  • Fun also gives you a major boost to your mood, every time you smile or laugh you get a boost of endorphins.  Endorphins are one of those chemicals the body releases that makes you feel confident and satisfied with life in general.
  • Fun also helps create bonds between people in a social environment, nothing brings people and loved ones together like having a good time.
  • Get out and have some fun, and try to keep your mind in a positive attitude.  Doing so can add an additional 8 years to your life.
Sounds like some great reasons to celebrate, so get out and do something fun today with your grandchildren - or call them and encourage them to do the same!

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