Tuesday, May 21, 2019

DIY Toys for Summer Fun & Children's Day

DIY Toys - great for the kids to make their friends for Christmas.
Summer is almost here with warm days and lots of fun in and around water. So I thought I'd share with you some DIY toy ideas for sponge balls and light sabers I found on Pinterest which you could either make with your grandchildren or for them for children's day! 

Just follow this link and you'll find a supply list and photo tutorial for making the sponge balls and this link will show you light sabers made from pool noodles. There isn't a link for directions to make these, but they look pretty simple - just cut to the length you want, add some duct tape and electric tape and "voila"! You'll be all ready for those Jedi battles all summer long! 

So what do you think of these? Are they ideas you'd make with or for your grandchildren?

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