Thursday, May 9, 2019

God's Fingerprints are on His Most Amazing Creations

This is a Carrier Crab (look under the Fire Urchin in the photo below) - it lives in the Pacific Ocean. Apparently it is considered HIGHLY tasty to pretty much all its neighbors. So, to survive it uses its back legs to hold the Fire Urchin (by the way, did I mention the Fire Urchin is named "Fire Urchin" for an excellent reason . . . it is poisonous to all those hungry neighbors?) and carries it around wherever it goes. When the Carrier Crab's hungry neighbors see the tasty crab, AND the poisonous Fire Urchin, they decide they are not as hungry as they thought they were - they leave the crab alone.

Now, how did the Carrier Crab learn to use its back legs to hold the Fire Urchin? How did it realize it could hold the poisonous Fire Urchin and doing so would make its neighbors more neighborly - or at least less hungry for Carrier Crab? Why isn't the Fire Urchin poisonous to the Carrier Crab? How did the Carrier Crab ever survive extinction in the process of figuring this all out? So many questions. Such a mystery . . . or maybe not such a mystery. 

The answer which makes the most sense, is God made them this way. It is easy for me to believe in God - He makes sense. I don't have to try and solve "mysteries" which are so obvious. And, knowing God went to this length to keep the little Carrier Crabs off their neighbor's menu, helps me trust Him to help me with the things I face in life, too.

God is amazing. Creation reflects how amazing God is and leaves me in awe. Share this truth with your grandchildren. Use examples like the Carrier Crab and Fire Urchin to show them how they are able to have confidence in the truth of who God is and how He created the world - and them.

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