Thursday, May 30, 2019

Grandma's Cinnamon Vanilla Maple Sugar Sprinkles

Vanilla Bean Sugar, cup
Maple Sugar, cupWhen my children were young, they loved when I fixed toast with cinnamon sprinkles - sometimes the simple things in life are some of the most enjoyable. My grandsons enjoy this as well.

Vietnamese Saigon Cassia Cinnamon, Ground, halfWell . . . simple things are able to be the most enjoyable and tasty! I just received a shipment of spices from The Spice House; among the things I ordered is their Vanilla Sugar and their Maple Sugar. I combined equal amounts of the two sugars in one of their jars with a half tablespoon of their cinnamon - which I already had - and the combination is so delicious . . . I did have to try it, after all. I think we will call it - Grandma's Cinnamon Vanilla Maple Sugar Sprinkles - I know, not terribly creative, but it does tell what it is!

My grandsons will be here for their sleepover tomorrow - I can not wait for them to try this on Saturday morning - I am certain they will approve!

If you have been considering ordering something from the Spice House, do not delay - order their Vanilla Sugar and their Maple Sugar - and if this is your first-time order they are likely to give you a notice saying you are able to receive a free bottle of their cinnamon! Definitely get their cinnamon. Combine the three and you will have the best-ever toast sprinkles!


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