Friday, May 17, 2019

These Memories are a Treasure

There are many things people in the world consider to be "treasure" . . . gold, money, jewels, etc. But for me, I treasure people and memories. I consider the people in my life to be gifts from the hand of God . . . especially my family. My grandsons often spend the night at my home and a few years ago, when they were at my house, we had a conversation about how they are treasure to me; gifts from the hand of God. They have heard this at least a time or two :^) so on this occasion, my oldest grandson said, "I know! I'm your treasure!" I want my grandsons to grow up knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt their grandma treasures them!

Take time to post the things your grandchildren say and do to your facebook page. Each year those things will show up again on your, "on this day" posts and you will get to enjoy the "treasure" of your grandchildren all over again. The things your grandchildren say and do may seem like small things to others, but they are "gems", "treasure without measure" to us - be sure to remember them!!

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