Monday, July 1, 2019

Beware of the Crocodile - I'm Giving One Away

Saturday, when my grandsons were at my house, the mail brought a package of books which were sent to me from Candlewick Press. Of course we had to sit down and read them - all three received thumbs up from my grandsons. Over the coming week, I'll share my reviews of them with you - and announce giveaways as well; today I'm sharing, Beware of the Crocodile.

Beware of the Crocodile
Author - Martin Jenkins
Illustrator - Satoshi Kitamura
Publisher - Candlewick Press
Ages - 5-8

Favorite Features -

  • Very informative book about crocodiles
  • Kept my young grandson's attention
  • Interesting illustrations
Candlewick Press says; "Explore an informative, playfully illustrated story about one of the world’s most dangerous animals: the crocodile. You probably know a little about crocodiles already. They’re reptiles, they have an awful lot of teeth, and they’re pretty scary — at least, the big ones are! They’re not very fussy about what they eat, and when it comes to hunting down dinner, crocodiles are very determined . . . and very cunning. But there’s more to crocodiles than just their appetites. They love to nap on warm sandbanks and cool off in calm waters, and crocodile mothers are very gentle with their babies. This fascinating look at one of Earth’s most infamous creatures is full of information for amateur scientists, with back matter including an index, notes on species, and suggestions for further reading."

For some reason, we thought this was going to be a story book and was surprised to find it is actually an informational book. But, my grandson thought the part about the momma crocs carrying the baby crocs in her mouth was amazing - and surprising! Beware of the Crocodile is definitely interesting and informative.

As I mentioned above, Candlewick is making another copy of  Beware of the Crocodile available for me to give away (USA only) If you are over the age of 18 and would like to enter the drawing for Beware of the Crocodile, which will be on July 23, 2019, please comment below to share who you would give this book to and an animal you think would be fun to learn about - I love Okapi, but recently learned about the Rainbow Blanket Octopus and it seems very interesting.

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