Saturday, August 10, 2019

Summer Fun . . . Ice Eggs!

Ice EggsI found an idea on Pinterest which sounds like so much fun for the next hot summer day . . . Ice Eggs! So . . . what, you ask, are ice eggs? Well, they are "eggs" you make with water in balloons which you then freeze! What might you possibly do with ice eggs, you also ask? Well . . . apparently there are lots of things you can do with ice eggs . . . including playing games such as "ice bowling" and you can freeze "surprises" in them for your grandchildren to discover!

Just follow this link for all the details along with some wonderful ideas of what you can do with your ice eggs! Have fun making a batch and then surprise your grandchildren with the great fun which awaits them with ice eggs! They are sure to love ice eggs, so be ready to repeat this activity another time! Have fun!

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