Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Two Book Reviews & One Book Giveaway - You Choose!

I recently received two wonderful new books for children from Sterling Children's Books which I and my grandsons reviewed - I am very happy to let you know about them today and announce a fun giveaway - if you win, you will be able to choose one of the two to be yours!

Oh No! Look What the Cat Dragged In
Author Joy H. Davidson
Illustrator - Jenny Cooper
Publisher - Sterling Children's Books
Ages - 3-6 (although everyone will love this book for sure!)

Favorite Features -
  • Wonderful, fun, colorful, detailed illustrations - although I could have totally done without the spiders!
  • Story is engaging - my youngest grandson loved it!
  • Fun book to read - even children who do not enjoy reading, will want to read this one.
Sterling Children's Books said; "Grandma’s acting worried, and looking very grim. She never knows each morning, just what the cat dragged in! - Mice and lizards and bats . . . EEEW! What will the cat drag in next? This hilarious picture book has a fun yuck factor which will make kids laugh again and again! A week at Grandma’s house descends into chaos when her adventurous kitty—who sneaks out every night through a flap in the door—drags in an assortment of increasingly icky creatures. From creepy crawlies and hissing snakes to an angry, snarling weasel and a load of dirty laundry, each day’s gifts grow wilder and wilder . . . until Grandma comes up with an ingenious way to put a stop to her wandering feline’s nighttime fun. Children will love chanting along with the refrain OH NO NO NO! Look what the cat dragged in, and will delight in Jenny Cooper’s gleefully gory illustrations."

Santa's Prayer
Author - Tom Roberts
Illustrator - Doug Moss
Publisher - Sterling Children's Books
Ages - 3-7

Favorite Features -

  • Wonderful story which will generation important conversations with children about why we really celebrate Christmas
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • This book could very possibly become part of your family's Christmas tradition - a book you all read together each year.
Sterling Children's Books says: "Celebrate the real reason for the season with Santa as he takes time from a busy Christmas Eve to pause and offer a prayer to the Lord. On Christmas Eve, a brother and sister stroll through their town, excitedly discussing the gifts they hope to find under the tree. Then they suddenly spy Santa quietly slipping into the church. They follow him inside, where they witness his humble prayer at the altar crèche and hear his greatest holiday wish: that children understand Jesus is the focus at Christmas . . . and always."

This is a beautiful book with a wonderful message, I love the conversations it will generate and the opportunities it provides to help grandparents - and parents - hand down the faith.

Both books are sure to be loved by your children/grandchildren and will make excellent additions to your home library. I am happy to say, Sterling Children's Books is giving me the opportunity to hold a giveaway for one of these books (USA only). If you are over the age of 18 and would like to enter the drawing for your choice of these two books, which will be on October 10, 2019, please comment below to share which book you will choose if you win

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  1. I would choose the Oh No! Look What the Cat Dragged In book.

  2. Thank you for the opportunity! Would love to win Santa's Prayer for my kids and the children in our church! I followed you on the Facebook, shared your post and subscribed by email.