Sunday, November 24, 2019

Christmas 2019 - Go! Field Guide: Rocks and Minerals

My grandsons love rocks. They love to find them. They love to figure out what type of rocks they found. They love to collect them. Especially my middle grandson.

So, when I saw this new book on rocks from Scholastic I knew I wanted to take a closer look. Happily, they sent one for me to review and I am very happy to recommend it as a wonderful gift for any child you love who has an interest in rocks!

Go! Field Guide: Rocks and Minerals 
By - Scholastic
Ages - 8-12

Favorite Features -

  • Includes four real rocks - my grandsons are thrilled with four more to add to their collections!
  • Amazing, colorful, beautiful, close-up photos of all kinds of rocks
  • Info on how to find and collect rocks
  • Info on rocks, minerals and fossils
Scholastic says; "The first book in a brand-new line of ultimate field guides, encouraging young explorers to get out and discover the fascinating world around them!

The Go! Field Guide: Rocks and Minerals kicks off Scholastic's definitive new field guide series. With 160 pages of color photos and facts, and a durable format that's ready to take out into the world, these field guides will get kids off their screens and exploring outside. Rocks and Minerals helps young researchers get started by learning the tools of the trade and setting expectations. There probably isn't going to be gold lying around in your backyard or local park, but there may be other cool rock samples only you can find in your part of the world. The book will guide readers toward samples they may find in North America and help them identify what to look for in rocks and gems, like color, luster, hardness, and light, with a host of tests to figure out which sample they've uncovered. Rounding out the guide are four rock samples to start you off, and information on how to maintain and show off your awesome new rock collection!"

Go! Field Guide: Rocks and Minerals is filled with full color photos to help your rock hounds find and identify their rocks, minerals and fossils. This book is a great tool to help people who are interested in rocks and to build interest in those who may not have thought much about collecting rocks. Combined with some fun rocks you are able to order online, this would make a fun, engaging and educational gift.

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