Saturday, December 7, 2019

Christmas 2019 - Fun Diaries from Fine Print Publishing & a Giveaway

My eight-year old grandson told me about some interesting books a few weeks back, so I contacted the publisher to see if they might be available for review - last week I received a box with five of the books in it, so today I'm very happy to let you know about the books - and announce a giveaway for some of them.

Your Diary
Mine Diary
Coke or Pepsi 
DUDE Do Not Open This Book!
DUDE Diary
Publisher - Fine Print Publishing
Ages - 7+

Favorite Features - 
  • Creative and fun way to get children to journal, think about life and talk
  • Encourages creativity and connecting
  • The diaries have "locks" - add to the fun
Fine Print Publishing says; "By You, about You, for You! Your Diary is all about You! And You are what make it special. Finally, a place to really be yourself and express --Your Own Unique Reality--. Best part is, you can totally --say it like it is-- because the sparkly pink lock will keep everything super-duper secure. 

Oh Yeah! Diary for tween girls ideas, thoughts and hopes which need expressing.Pink lock and key in blister pack attached to front cover with grommet

The original is back! Pass Coke or Pepsi? around to all your BFF's. They'll answer cool questions; you try to guess the answers. Glitter on cover! Stickers! 

The perfect solution for all dude kind. DUDE Diary has everyday life stuff like favorite candy bars, friends, gaming scores, and what's been on your mind mixed with outrageous what-if scenarios and anything-but-ordinary questions. What would you do if you were invisible? Are your nostrils the same size and shape? Who's cooler Batman or Wolverine?

It's the ultimate un-diary that boys will want to write in, draw on, and lock up. DUDE Diary comes with a lock and key so all the awesomeness can never be leaked out. Access denied to anyone but the owner. Sweet! Young dudes! All in this book! Take a rocket to Mars. Construct an electronic power glove. Or just rate your 5 fave slices of pizza. Includes silver rocket pen and ridiculous Warning Signs to fill in, rip out, and hang up!"

I love resources which encourage children to think, talk, journal, and learn more about themselves and others while having fun. These books from Fine Print Publishing will do all this and more!

I am very happy to say I am giving away Your DiaryMine Diary and Coke or Pepsi on December 9, 2019 (USA only). If you are over the age of 18, live in the USA and would like to enter this drawing, please comment below to share who you will give them to if you win these three books.

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  1. So perfect for my Colorado grandkids. They all love to write and my grandson is a huge fan of Diary of a wimpy Kid. I follow on Facebook and email.

  2. I'd give it to my daughters who would love it

  3. Wow, so many incredivle diaryies. I would love to win these for my daughter and two of her friends. My son has had one of the Dude diary's before and they are great!

  4. shared

  5. I love these! I would give the Coke or Pepsi to my oldest daughter and the Mine diary to my youngest. The your diary I would give to my Great-Great Niece. She just had a birthday. She's 9.
    Liked, shared and follow on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google friend connect.

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