Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Christmas 2019 - Penguin & Moose . . . & a Giveaway on December 25, 2019

When I was a child my mom always gave me at least one book for Christmas and birthdays, so when my children were young I did the same; and now with my grandsons, I continue to do so. If you are a "book-giver", but are still looking for a book for a grandchild ages four to eight, take a good look at a new book - Penguin & Moose - it is wonderful! The publisher Worthy Kids sent it to me for review an I am delighted to let you know about it.

Penguin & Moose
Author - Hannah C. Hall
Illustrator - Anna Chernyshova
Publisher - Worthy Kids
Ages - four to eight

Favorite Features - 
  • The illustrations are an absolute delight! Children will love this book, because they will love the illustrations which engage, provide much to see and do a wonderful job of helping to tell the story.
  • The story is charming and most important, teach essential lessons about how we have value, whether we are a penguin who is able to fly - or not, how friends and being a quality friend does have value and does matter.
  • A powerful message about being tenacious, creative and recognizing when someone has been a solid friend to you - and how to encourage and thank them.
Worthy Kids says; "Penguin has a problem--he doesn't know how to fly. He and his friend, Moose, try everything they can think of to get him airborne: balloons, treetop starts, cocooning like a caterpillar. But no matter how hard they try, Penguin remains firmly on the ground. At the end of the day, a tired and disappointed Penguin realizes he has something better than the ability to fly--a friend who supports and loves him no matter what. Written by best-selling author Hannah C. Hall, this series debut celebrates the power of friendship. Children are sure to fall in love with the adorable Penguin and Moose."

I agree; the children you love will fall in love with the adorable Penguin and Moose! This unlikely pair of friends will encourage the children to you love to be creative problem solvers and to be faithful friends who do not give up on one another.

I am very happy to say not only did Worthy Kids send me one copy of Penguin & Moose for me to review, but they are making another available for me to give away on December 25, 2019 (USA only). If you are over the age of 18, live in the USA and would like to enter this drawing, please comment below to share about a friend you had who did not give up on you, but who was there to encourage and help you . . . my friend was on my youth group's quiz team with me, went to the same school as did I and we counseled at a children's summer camp one summer. She went on to be a missionary and raised wonderful children. This past summer she died after a long battle with cancer, but Teresa left a godly example for her family and all who knew her.

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