Monday, December 2, 2019

Clothespin Snowman Ornament

We were surprised yesterday morning to discover 3.6 inches of snow fell while we were sleeping Saturday night, so, since my grandsons spent the night, Sunday afternoon they had to go out and build snowmen - lots of them!

This reminded me of a fun craft we did a few years ago - and I thought I'd share it with you. If you are looking for a fun idea to do with your grandchildren for  Christmas which even your youngest grandchildren will be able to do, check out this fun clothespin snowman.

All you need are white crayons, scraps of fabric, orange felt, glue and markers. Color the clothespins with the white crayons - it will show up just enough. Then on the "pinch" end, tie the fabric scrap down a bit for a scarf, cut felt into a carrot for a nose, glue in place, and draw a face and buttons - we used a sharpie for the face and a glitter marker for the buttons.

This is all there is to it - simple and you do not have to wait for paint to dry!

Have fun making this with your grandchildren - they also make great gifts for teachers, neighbors, shut-in's, firefighters, etc.!

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