Monday, December 30, 2019

Connect with Your Grandchildren & Have Fun Each Month Doing So

Part of handing down the faith - a big part of it - is taking the time to build a close relationship with your grandchildren/children. There are certainly many ways to do this, but one way is by planning opportunities together to just have fun. These fun times together help you build a strong and close relationship as you make memories which will last beyond your own years - and give you natural opportunities to have important faith conversations while you are having fun as well.

In 2020 I am going to plan special monthly fun days with my grandsons to help build these close, strong relationships with them. Each month one of my grandsons will go through the silly holidays for the month with me and they will pick a couple of their favorites and then all of us will celebrate those silly days together on a special Saturday. For example, my youngest grandson is starting with the month of January. There are many possibilities for a "fun day" in January - for example . . .

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