Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Counting Down the Ways I Love You

As I was browsing on Pinterest this morning I found an idea I have to "tweak" touch and absolutely use for my grandsons . . . counting down the ways I love you! The idea behind this is for you to begin a countdown to Valentine's on February 1st with an advent-type calendar made from envelopes you may download for free using the link above. On the inside of each envelope, write - or draw for those who do not read - a love note and tell your grandchild what it is about them which makes you smile . . . or as I always tell my grandsons, the things which makes my heart happy about them! 

For my grandsons, I also plan to write out a fun valentine's activity we may do together or one which they may do with their mom and dad, such as make cookies, draw hearts, make heart-monsters or play "I-love-you-hide-and-seek" . . . when you find the hiding person, you have to tell them why you love them! Simple, fun things which will help build memories with your grandchildren and communicate your love for them. Every few days, I also plan to include something which involves them in showing love for others - because real love "flows" . . . from God to me to them to others. I'm sure we will have important conversations about how we are able to love others because God loves us and then think of ways we will show our love to others . . . giving kisses to mom and dad, making a heart card for their Sunday School teachers, making cookies to give to great-grandma and great-grandpa . . . etc. I want their love to grow . . . this happens when they not only receive love, but also give it away!

Have fun with this with your grandchildren!

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