Thursday, February 13, 2020

Grandmas with Heart

Grandmas with HeartMany of you who read grandma's cookie jar are grandparents /parents who are focused upon handing down the faith to the children you love; it is one of the reasons you read this blog. On grandma's cookie jar I also include recipes, activities, crafts, product reviews of things in which you may be interested along with some giveaways along with ideas for handing down the faith. While I will continue to post ideas, resources and tools to help you hand down the faith, today I want to be sure you know about my other blog - Grandmas with Heart and invite you to make it a blog you read as well.

Grandmas with Heart is a blog where I focus upon handing down the faith. I post at least two articles a day and provide a variety of resources which are free and available for you to use with the children you love as well as let you know about books and resources you might buy and add to your own library of tools to help you hand down the faith.

Please take a look at Grandmas with Heart and share it with the parents and grandparents you know.

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