Monday, April 27, 2020

just for fun - Today is, "Tell a Story Day"!

I love the "holiday" for today - Tell a Story Day! Around this grandma's house, we LOVE telling stories! My grandsons are excellent storytellers and they make up some of the best . . . and funniest stories ever! In fact, for my birthday when he was just five years old, Josiah gave me one of the best presents ever . . . an original story he made up and illustrated for me; "Super Josiah Saves Grandma from All the Robot Spiders in History"! 

Yes, when the boys were little most of our stories had Super Josiah, Super Caleb and/or Super Shane in them and you could pretty well count on at least one monster or alien showing up in the stories as well! After all, they are boys and they were young at the time, so I suppose it was one of those inevitabilites of life!

The website where I found out about Tell a Story Day said; "Tell a Story Day is celebrated in the United States, Scotland and the United Kingdom. The aim of the day to get participants telling, sharing and listening to each other's stories. It is a celebration of the art of oral storytelling in all of its many forms, whether it be fiction or non-fiction, a tall tale or folklore. The stories may be told from memory or from a book. Events can be held in community centers, churches, homes and gardens, hospitals, libraries, schools or more unusual venues! The origin of the day is unknown, but there is surely a story to tell about it – maybe you can make one up for the next Tell a Story Day! For the day itself you can organize your own event with friends, family or colleagues and create a magical world of enchanting fairy tales, scary ghost stories or age-old family legends." 

So, do you enjoy telling stories at your house? If so, what are your favorite stories to tell? Enjoy Tell a Story Day!

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