Tuesday, May 19, 2020

crafting with grandma - Blowing Kisses Photos!

I am a very blessed grandma in how I live close to my grandsons and see them at least a couple times a week. However; not all grandparents are so blessed. This morning when I browsed Pinterest I saw a craft idea which would make a wonderful gift for grandparents/parents . . . especially in instances where the grandparent lives far enough away where they do not see their grandchildren often - or during covid-19. What is this craft, you ask? A Blowing Kisses Photo!

It looks very easy . . . have your grandchildren pose as if they are "blowing kisses", take the photo, print the photo and then add small heart stickers - as if the "kisses/hearts" are blowing to the grandparent/parent who receives the photo!

So sweet! So cute! And be sure to have your grandchildren make an extra one for you . . . it is sure to look wonderful in your home, too!


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