Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Make a Blessings Book

Regardless of our age, if we make the choice to be a thankful person, we are more likely to be stronger and healthier mentally speaking. It is healthy for us to have an "attitude of gratitude"! This is something important for us to practice in our daily lives, and for us to teach the children we love.

When it comes to blessings, we are certainly able to put our children and grandchildren at the top of our blessings list. We know we have much for which to be thankful - especially when we think of them.

When it comes to these ones we love who have been such blessings to our lives, helping them learn to be people who are thankful and who look for and remember their blessings is one powerful thing we are able to do. This summer I am helping my grandsons learn to see and be thankful for their blessings. I gave each grandson their own journal and each day when they are at my house, we take our journals and add something for which we are thankful. I am very happy at how quickly they each took to the idea - even the ones who do not like to write!

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