Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Summer Reading Book Review - Nerp!

NERP_cover_smI love picture books - and I love sharing them with my grandsons.  With the boys being half way through Summer it is a great time to remind them how important - and fun - it is for them to read. How better than with a fun new book! Sterling Children's Books sent me several of their new releases and I will take the next few days to share them with you.

Author/Illustrator - Sarah Lynne Reul
Publisher - Sterling Children's Books
Ages - 3-7

Favorite Features -
  • Colorful, fun illustrations
  • Story with which children are able to identify
  • Fun new "language" - monster language!
Sterling Children's Books says; "Would you like a bite of frizzle frazzle hotchy potch? How about a plate of mushy gushy bloobarsh? NERP, says our hero. Nerpity nerpity nerp! (That’s “NO” to you!) With nonsense language and humorously expressive illustrations, this delightfully silly picture book tells the story of two picky eaters—one child, one pet—of indiscriminate species, a multitude of supposedly tasty goodies, and one surprising solution to a familiar childhood situation. Sense language and inventive dishes like squishalicious wumpa glump and yumptious chickamoo. Perfect for picky eaters: though the dishes in this book don’t resemble any food we might know, they gently encourage both fussy and more adventurous eaters to try new foods and vary their eating habits."

I love the fun and laughter which come along with reading "Nerp!" to the children we love. This book is sure to become a family favorite. Great book to add to your library . . . or to give to a child you love. Consider having fun making up your own "language" and then create a book of your own - complete with illustrations!

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