Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Which One Do You Think It Is?

Which one do you think it is? One of these creatures is not venomous, but the thing it eats is very venomous. This creature takes the venom from its food, and due to the scales inside its body and its ability to produce a mucus to cover the venom, it is able to move the venom, and highly concentrate it in its own extremities making it a very venomous creature - if you ever see one in the wild, do NOT pick it up or touch it!

Which creature do you think it is? 1 - the Carrier Crab (the crab is under the Fire Urchin) 2 - the Blue Glaucous or 3 - the Platypus? (All these interesting, amazing, and weird creatures are featured in our new book - stay tuned for more info!)

And, if you have not yet voted for a name for our book, you are still able to do so at this link - we would appreciate your input!

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