Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Civets Show us God's Design

 A couple months ago I was looking at unique animals on-line and came across one which from the back looked like it had to be part tiger. It's middle looked like it was a leopard, and its front looked like it was a raccoon. I thought, "What on Earth is this?" Well, apparently it is a little animal known as the Civet which is found in Africa and Asia. I knew it had to be part of book three in my "Life on the Goldilock's Planet" curriculum/book series. I learned some really interesting things about the Civet - such as, they are one of the only mammals which are able to eat toxic termites and millipedes. 

This interesting animal shows us design, purpose, and order went into it being on this Earth - which leaves us reaching the logical conclusion of how there has to be a Designer. We are truly able to believe in God and trust Him with confidence - the Civet is just one thing which shows us this!

In the book, "Civets, Tree Kangaroos, Batoids & More!" the children, teens, adults you love are able to learn about the Civet, and then enjoy a fun cooperative art project - the Civet certainly looks like God may have invited someone to put in their "two cents" when designing it! Your family will enjoy learning about the Civet, how it shows us we are able to believe in God and trust Him with confidence, and have fun together doing so!

I'm very honored and happy to share with you today Linda Ranson Jacob's review of my book (she is the creator of DC4K - DivorceCare for Kids). Linda said . . .

"Lynda is a genius when it comes to bringing God's Word alive to children. She is a grandmother who understands the importance of the role she plays in her grandchildren's lives. Her books are made for grandparents to open God's Word through animals and living things which interest little kids, and big kids too."

You will find this book on Amazon at this link and in my bookstore at this link. Please get them to use with and give to the ones you love to hand down confident faith - and please share this post with the grandparents and parents you know so they are able to do the same.

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