Saturday, September 5, 2020

Live a Life of Love & Faith - It Makes a Difference for Generations

For the past few weeks I've been a bit distracted on posting - I've re-used some of my older posts, which, on its own is fine as new readers may not have had the opportunity to read these older posts and even if you did read them a few years ago, you may not have remembered them. But, I have been reposting  - or not posting - due to being distracted, because we were expecting my dad to leave this life - which he did in the wee hours of this morning. So today, I want to post about him. (Yes, this photo is of my parents, husband, children, grandchildren, and me - it was taken a few years ago.)

My dad, Harold Bristol, is a man who loved his wife with all his heart. He often told me how blessed he was she said yes and for the many years they were married - 61 years this past April. He was so happy when each of his five children were born - we have all been loved and wanted each day of our lives. As we grew up and our family grew through marriage, he happily welcomed the new family members and treated our spouses as his loved children. When we had children of our own, he was thrilled to become a grandpa - and is an amazing grandpa for sure. When his grandson married, he was happy once again to "grow" our family and add another granddaughter. And then, when they had children he was thrilled to have great-grandsons! He is a man who loves his family.

And, he modeled this love to us. I know what love looks like because of my dad. I saw love is more than words as he showed his love at all times with the things he did - although he freely and often told us he loved us. He was always there for us and his life showed what it looked like to live a life of faith which reflects the Fruit of the Spirit. My dad loved us all. He showed joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, and self control. He is leaving a lasting example and legacy - one which matters and has impacted all of the lives of his children grandchildren, and great-grandchildren (through birth and marriage).

We all will have wonderful memories of my dad, his smile, his kindness, generosity - we all know what a "Bristol serving" of ice cream looks like (trust me - it is not small), the way he read his Bible and prayed for us - his faith was absolutely real. 

So, today I am writing because I want to say my dad made a difference. What he did as a husband, dad, grandpa, and great-grandpa mattered. Experiencing and seeing this encourages me. So, if you ever wonder if we make a true difference in the lives of the ones we love - I am saying yes. Most definitely yes.

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