Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Christmas Gift Review - Back to the Roots

I was recently invited by Back to the Roots to review a grow-your-own veggies kit. Now, before I write more, please let me tell you I do not have a "green thumb". I do not have a barely "green thumb". I have a "black thumb of death". In fact, twenty years ago, after every plant I ever tried to grow died, my children "grounded" me from ever having another plant - they said it was cruel and unusual punishment . . . for the plants!

But, I looked into Back to the Roots, and it said it was really easy to grow their plants. After reading this I thought, well, it has been all these years, so I could probably give it a try, and Back to the Roots sent me their mushroom grow kit.

When the kit arrived, I read all the instructions - basically you cut an "x" into the plastic bag, soak it in water overnight, then return to it's box, "mist" the "dirt" for a week, and watch as mushrooms start to grow. Sounded easy enough, even for me . . . I gave it a try. After a week - no mushrooms. After another week - still no mushrooms. I emailed Back to the Roots and they said to give it a few more days, but the mushroom kit was typically their easiest to grow kit. My family laughed at my "black thumb of death".

About the time I was ready to call it quits, my husband noticed there were a few mushrooms growing! Apparently, I did not follow the directions closely enough. It also said to scrape a "bit" with a fork at the dirt - I scraped all the covering off the dirt - and apparently most of the mushroom plants with it. It said to lift the plastic flaps when you mist the plant each day - I cut the flaps off . . . and sadly, my poor plant was drying out.

But happily, there were still determined mushroom plants along the edges and they survived my black thumb of death!

Well, we expect to harvest the mushrooms in a few days and then will flip it over and start over for the second "crop" - this time, I will not scrap away all the plants and will leave the plastic flaps so the plants do not dry out. My youngest grandson says he will have to help me so the mushrooms are not scared by my black thumb of death - they will see his, "green thumb of life" and grow! :-D

I enthusiastically recommend Back to the Roots. They have a wonderful variety of plants available and they will give you - and your family the fun of watching plants grow, so you are able to harvest and enjoy them! (Even if, like me you have a black thumb of death!) Plus, if you take a photo of your plants when they grow and email it to Back to the Roots, they will send another plant to a school of your choice so children are able to experience the fun of watching a plant grow! How cool is this! I know, very cool!

You will find them at this link - they make fantastic gifts, too!

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