Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Prayer Prompters

I believe in praying for my grandsons . . . and seriously, of all the things I do for them, there is nothing more important . . . and more powerful, than praying for them. But praying for them is not just something I do once each day . . . I pray for them throughout my day, every day. Whenever God brings my grandsons to mind, I pray for them.
But, like many of us, my days do get busy and I may be focused on the things I'm doing and not think about the people in my life who I love and who I want to be praying for. So, to help me keep them in mind, I have things which prompt me to remember . . . and to pray.

I wear a necklace with a photo of my three, sweet, rascals, their parents on one side and my daughter on the other and whenever I see it, or happen to reach up and touch it, I pray for the ones I love so much.

My favorite morning coffee mugs have photos of my three grandsons, so as I enjoy my coffee, I pray for my grandsons.

I ordered a photo ornament from Shutterfly and put it on my purse, so wherever I go, whenever I see it, I'm reminded to stop and pray for my three, sweet boys.

I like having reminders; things I see throughout the day, which remind me to pray, because, there is nothing more important, or more powerful, which I can do for my family, than to pray for them.

So, for yourself as prompters to remember to pray, or as a gift for someone else, consider giving a gift which reminds those who receive it to pray . . . and then the best gift you will ever give . . . your prayers as well!

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