Friday, March 26, 2021

Be Prepared - Be Proactive & Ready with Answers

I have a friend whose grandson went to church with her almost every week, until he reached fifth grade and then he decided, "he wasn't into that church thing anymore." 

While none of us want to have our grandchildren tell us this as they grow up, far too many of us have heard or will hear this. As Barna's studies show, Gen Z is turning away, not only from church, but from their faith as well. This absolutely is not something we are able to just sit back and wring our hands over or hope and pray it doesn't happen to the ones we love. If the ones we love never go down this road, we are certainly relieved, but we will absolutely know people - like my friend - for whom it does happen and this matters.

More and more of us experience the pain of our grown children and/or grandchildren turning away from their faith. I know a grandma whose pre-teen grandson struggled with whether or not he was going to continue to believe in God. He asked her questions about how could God be all-powerful and all-good if He allowed evil and suffering in the world? He asked how is God all-powerful if He didn't insure His book was translated properly when incorrect translations harm people. He asked if it were even possible to know for sure God is real at all. If your loved grandchild asked you these questions, how would you answer them?

We must be prepared and know solid answers which are not "trite". We must be prepared and ready to have serious conversations with the children we love. If we are not, we may end up paying a very high price.

And, we need to be willing to change our opinions if our research to find answers shows us facts which support other perspectives. Our grandchildren are growing up in an age where science has been able to answer many questions - and happily which point to God being real. While we do not need to be afraid of science, we do need to be people who are able to accept the facts which science is able to prove - after all, God created science. God and science absolutely do go together. But, if we take a stand which is not supported by science, the children we love are very likely to stop believing the things we tell them. Keep this in mind because it matters.

We also must be pro-active. We must not only teach our grandchildren what God's Word says, but we must teach them why they are able to believe it. The price we pay for not doing this is far, far too high. Find resources which help you do this and use them.

We are losing the next generation - at rates we have not experienced before. We must do what we need to do to stop this - for the ones we love and for the ones who are loved by others. Be prepared.

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