Wednesday, May 19, 2021

100 Free Things to Do With Your Grandchildren This Summer

The second Sunday of June is Children's Day - yes, it is a real holiday! I LOVE Children's Day! I love planning for it and then celebrating the children I love.

But then, every day should be "Children's Day" . . . and especially every day in the Summer! So, if you are feeling a little like "Phineas and Ferb" and are looking for things you can do with the children in your life this Summer, look at these great ideas I found on Pinterest for 100 Free Things to Do with Children This Summer!

I particularly love anything which has anything to do with a library, or a park, and the idea to visit your local fire station is great, too - take cookies with you to leave for the firefighters!

Idea #9 is another one I love - going on an alphabet tour sounds like great fun for sure! Of course scavenger hunts and neighborhood carnivals are a great way to involve others in the fun you are having with your grandchildren, too! Obstacle courses and Hot Wheel races are things my grandsons would enjoy for sure!

Each summer we had the boys at our house for our "Three Days of Fun" and we most certainly had "fun"!!! We work on science projects, plan meals with their favorite foods, play games, enjoy water-balloon piƱatas, and have made tie-dye shirts (this year we are making spray-paint shirts).

I am a grandma and I know something important - these three sweet boys are growing up. Obvious, I know, but it is oh, so true. They are growing up very fast. The years have flown by and I know I will barely "turn around" and they will all be teens and then adults. I treasure the time I have with them while they are young. I absolutely want to hand down confident faith to these three boys, so I am thankful for any and all time I am able to spend with them.

So, Summer time is an opportunity to spend extra time with my three grandsons, and this time will be time well spent! Time where we have important conversations and time where we just have a lot of fun! I'm so glad there are lots of ideas for things we might do this Summer! These 100 ideas are great ideas - and they are all free!!! Which idea do you like the best?

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