Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Another "Call to Action"

A few days ago on my other blog I wrote, "On this blog you will find posts which hopefully encourage you and put a smile on your face. You will also find posts which hope to call you to action." Today I'm sharing this with you as this is another call to action post. (If you did not read my other post with the "call to action", you will find it at this link - please read it - and share it as well.)

Why am I writing about the need for us as grandparents/ parents to take action? Because if we do not take action we will find we and/or families we know will continue to pay a very high price as the ones we love turn away from a walk of faith. The United States is on its way to becoming like Europe - 22% of people in Europe value faith/attend church. For the first time in our history the latest Gallup Poll showed only 47% of people in the US value faith/attend church. Barna's studies show us Gen Z is turning away from faith and to atheism at double the rate of previous generations. We must not do what we have been doing. We must make changes. We must take action.

What action do we need to take? Consider the following . . . 

1. We need to take our job seriously. God has made it clear His best plan is for confident faith to be handed from generation to generation. We grandparents and parents must be intentional when it comes to handing confident faith to the children we love. This is not optional. It is our job and our joy to do this.

2. We must ask our church to focus upon engaging the children we love when they are at church. If our churches continue to bore children, then they are making our job harder and are adding to the reasons our children turn away from church and their faith. Ask them to get and use curriculum which is designed to engage children. It matters for us and our church to teach the children we love what we believe, but trying to do this by lecturing is the least effective way to do so. There are excellent resources available to help churches engage children in actively learning what we believe. Ask your church to use these resources.

3. We must ask our churches to equip and encourage the grandparents/parents in our church. The children we love are at church for one to three hours a week - and this time is able to be an excellent opportunity for them to learn and grow in their faith. But, they spend most of their time at home. Parents and Grandparents are able to hand confident faith to the children they love in the day-in-day-out living of our everyday lives, but they need to know they are able to do this and have the resources to help them do so. This is where the church is able to make a significant impact in the lives of children - by equipping and encouraging grandparents/parents to hand down confident faith. Ask your church to do this - the Life on the Goldilocks Planet series is a great place to start.

Finally team up with your church to not only teach what we believe to the children we love, but to also teach them why they are able to believe it. We and our church must teach apologetics. When the children we love not only know what they believe, but why they believe it, they will have a confident faith! Again, the Life on the Goldilocks Planet series is a great place to start. If churches use this resource in class and ask parents and grandparents to do so at home during the week, they will find they are able to team up with parents and grandparents to effectively hand down confident faith together!

When we and our churches focus on these things we are able to make a difference. Please accept this, "call to action." Please share it with your church's leaders and at least ten grandparents/parents you know - and ask them to do the same.

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