Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Books for Children's Day

Children's Day is nearly here - yes, it is a real holiday and is always celebrated on the second Sunday in June. It is a wonderful opportunity to show your grandchildren how very thankful you are for them - let them choose the menu, plan fun activities, and give a gift.

Books make great Children's Day gifts and since Zonderkidz sent me a few of their new titles, I'm sharing them with you today . . . 

I really love this first book - The Wonder That is You - by Glenys Nellis, Illustrated by Aurelie Blanz - The illustrations are beautiful, colorful and just fantastic! The text starts with "It felt as if the world stood still the day my dream came true. And all creation paused to see The wonder that is you." Then from there it goes on to tell how it felt like all creation celebrated the arrival of the child. Great book to enjoy with a child you love!

Your Spark
celebrating the brightest part of you! - Written and illustrated by Lisa Leonard. This book looks at and celebrates the things that make the children you love so wonderful.

near - written by Sally Lloyd-Jones, illustrated by Jago. This little book is wonderful! I love the illustrations and color and the text is
inspired by Psalm 139 - and encourages children (of allages) with the truth of how God is with them no matter where they go. Along with being a gift idea for Children's Day, this little book makes a great Graduation gift!

Grandma Snuggles - written by Glenys Nellist and
illustrated by Gail Yerrill. I LOVE the illustrations in this book! I would have liked the book more if it were a story rather than poems, but I am a grandma so a book about "grandma snuggles" is hard to not like! Along with a gift idea for Children's Day, it is a nice gift for someone you know who is about to become a grandma.

Books make wonderful gifts for Children's Day and these books are some your young grandchildren will enjoy for sure!

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