Sunday, May 23, 2021

crafting with grandma - Handprint Jar

I have an idea for a wonderful craft you could help your  grandchildren make . . . of course I found it on Pinterest! Check this handprint flower jar out . . . not only will children be able to put flowers they make, pick, or buy in it, but the jar with the handprint is one which will be re-used for years to come!

You just need a jar - mason, pb jar, mayo jar - any jar - acrylic paint in at least two colors, and ribbon. Have you grandchildren choose the background color and each choose a color for their own hand. Let them paint the jar. When it is dry, let them paint one of their hands and make a handprint on the jar. Let dry, add a ribbon, and fill it with flowers! Not only will you have a reminder of the size of their hands, you will have a new favorite flower vase!

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