Saturday, May 8, 2021

Get Ready for a Summer Filled with Adventure!


Have you ever heard of a Blue Dragon? Have you ever heard of an Okapi, or a Pangolin, or a Civet, or a Kakapo, or a Quetzal, or a Chevrotain, or a Binturong, or a Mimic Octopus? Did you know there were such animals as Pygmy Elephants, Pygmy Rhinos, Pygmy Hippos, and Tree Kangaroos? Do you know the surprising things about Giant Clams and Peacock Mantis Shrimp? Do you know how all these animals and 87 more are included in the first eight books in the Life on the Goldilocks Planet curriculum/book series?

If you are looking for something special, new, surprising, and interesting which you could do with the children you love over the summer, then get at least one of these books and get ready to go on an adventure as you learn about some of the most amazing, and down-right surprising animals on the face of the Earth! Not only will you all be able to see full-color photos of these animals, but you will learn fun and interesting facts about them, participate in engaging activities, games, science projects, crafts, and cooking projects as you learn what science has to show us about the incredible animals which fill the world God made!

Plus, the most important thing you will do as you do all these

things is help the ones you love learn how these animals show us we are able to know for sure God created everything to be "just right" - including them!

You will find the first eight books in this series at this link - consider getting one book for each grandchild/child and then get ready for a summer filled with adventure as you "travel" around the world and learn about some very amazing animals!

What is your favorite wild animal or bird or fish?

(By the way, the answer to the question above about which animal smells like popcorn is . . . the Binturong!)

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