Thursday, May 13, 2021

just for fun - Fun with Glue, Salt & Food Coloring!

While I'm hoping for a lovely, warm summer so the boys can run and play in our yard when they are here, it is likely there will be rainy days. But, rainy days do not have to be disappointing. While we won't be running and playing in the yard, we can do fun and interesting things inside!

I had this in mind as I browsed on Pinterest this morning and was so happy to find a link for some pretty amazing, simple and fun creations children can make with glue, salt and food coloring! These are not permanent projects, but they will certainly be great fun on a rainy day at grandma's for sure!

You'll find the specifics for this fun project at the following link - but basically you have your grandchildren draw on paper with glue, cover generously with salt and then drip food coloring on their creations! Sounds like a lot of great fun to me!

I think I'll have the boys do this when we are talking about praying . . . they can make drawings of things they can talk to God about and then we will take photos of them and their finished creations, since the glue/salt project do not last! The photos will remind them of what they can talk to God about - maybe we will frame them so they can put their photos by their beds to remind them to talk with God!


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