Monday, May 24, 2021

Laugh Together

As the Summer begins and social distancing may end, we may find we are able to spend time once again with our family, and looking forward to these opportunities more so than ever.

It is obvious these times together will be enjoyed - there are many things to celebrate - June 13th is Children's Day, June 20th is Father's Day, July 4th is Independence Day, your family may have birthdays and/or anniversaries to celebrate - oh yes, there will be opportunities to gather, celebrate, and laugh together as a family. Consider some of the following ideas to make these times even more enjoyable . . . 
  • Get out the sprinklers and some plastic tarp and make your own splash pad and slip-n-slide. Have fun together, see who is able to slide the farthest, and take lots of photos.
  • Bring out the squirt guns - I know my grandchildren love making me a target! We always have lots of fun laughing together when the squirt guns come out! Take photos!
  • Challenge everyone to bring two of their funniest jokes with them to the get-together - share the jokes, laugh, and give an award of something silly to the one with the funniest joke.
  • Have a dance-off - play fun music and let everyone show their best moves - take photos!
  • Surprise everyone with a pie eating contest - absolutely have your cameras rolling!

These are just a few ideas which will add some laughing to your next family get-together. God created humor and laughing, so when our families are a place where we are able to laugh and enjoy these gifts from Him together, it is not just a good thing - it is an essential and important thing.

As C.S. Lewis said; "The sun looks down on nothing half so good as a household laughing together over a meal." Laugh together, create wonderful memories - and take lots of photos!

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