Thursday, May 27, 2021

Make This Summer Count!

The summer is nearly upon us! Which means the children you love will be enjoying their summer break - I know my grandsons are certainly looking forward to summer. While summer is a perfect time to take a break, enjoy the weather, get outside, do special things, it is also the perfect time for us to equip the children we love, so they are able to know for sure God is real, God and science do go together, God is good, and the Bible is true.

For many of us, opportunities for the children we love to learn at church are cut back as so many churches reduce their Children's Ministry in the summer, so if ever there was a time for us to step up and provide opportunities for our grandchildren/children to learn, this is it!

I'm very happy to say, the little answer book for children will be available the beginning of June! Plan now to get copies for your grandchildren an then set four dates spread out through the coming summer break where you will sit down and learn the "whys" together - in person or through tech. Is there a better thing for you to do together this summer?

Not only will you be able to have important conversations, but the children's edition has science projects, and other activities designed to engage the children you love as you learn together why you are able to believe God is real, God and science go together, God is good, and the Bible is true. Make this summer count - work through the little answer book for children with the children you love!

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