Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Summer Fun & Learning with the Life on the Goldilocks Planet series


My grandsons have always enjoyed learning about animals - when they were little, they loved this and now they are getting older they continue to enjoy learning about animals. If you have someone you love who enjoys learning about animals, then take a look at the Life on the Goldilocks Planet series of books which you could get to introduce them to some very interesting animals. For example, look at book seven - Giant Anteaters, Peacock Mantis Shrimp, Rufous Potoos & More . . .

  • You and the ones you love will be able to learn about 12 very interesting animals.
  • You will also be able to engage the ones you love with activities to help them remember what they learn.
  • This book is filled with full-color photos.
This book - and all the books in the series - are excellent books to get for a summer of fun, activity, and learning! What could be better? (You will find them at this link.)

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